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Linedoku is another popular logic game app for Android and iOS users. It has provided players with a large number of puzzle collections to play online puzzles on their devices. This is a collection of addictive puzzle games for adults and children, uniting a list of more than eight line-and-loop puzzle games.
LineDoku is a puzzle game. You need to solve the puzzle through number swapping to create numbers arranged in a line.
At the start of the game, nine numbers are arranged in a random position on a 3×3 grid. You need to swap certain numbers so that they are arranged in a line.
You must enjoy colorful flow puzzles, pipe puzzles, connect the dots, create infinite loops, or link numbers. It is an amazing classic block puzzle game where you have to drag and drop blocks onto the board and cover all the dots.
There are many traditional board games that are still loved by children today such as uno, connect 4, monopoly deal, Rush hour…. Try it!

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